Weight Management and Eating Disorder Recovery


Kaitlin 2015

When my counselor requested that I meet with a dietitian, I honestly didn’t see the point. But after my very first session with Jennifer, I knew she was going to help change my life, and she has! Jennifer helped me to begin eating normally by guiding me through a meal plan. Thanks to her I have been able to break the enslaving binge/restrict cycle I was in. She has helped me to see food in a new way. I can talk openly and honestly with her about my successes and my struggles. I owe a great deal of my recovery to her and I’m so thankful for her guidance!

April 2013

Jennifer has an incredibly kind and passionate soul.  Jennifer’s flexibility, personable style, and individualized challenges makes her an outstanding Dietitian   She is devoted to working with me and helping me recover from my Eating Disorder.  Her patience and no-nonsense approach has enabled me to come to a place in recovery that I have never been able to experience before or be able to reach on my own.

Roberta and Steven April 2013

Taking my daughter to work with Jennifer was the best thing we ever did.  Jennifer has explained things to her in a manner she can understand, set up a plan, and given her the support she needs.  She’s on track, has clear goals, and the tools to keep herself healthy.  So much pressure has been taken off us as worried parents.  We’re extremely grateful that we found Jennifer!

Like most people in recovery from an eating disorder, for me meeting with a
dietician can be daunting task. Working with Jen went a long way to allay my anxieties.
Her patience, competence, and empathy were vital in helping me to trust the process of
recovery. She is both professional and easy to connect with, which made it much easier
for me to be open and honest about both struggles and successes. I would recommend
Jen without hesitation! She is by far one of the best eating disorder professionals with
whom I’ve had the privilege of working